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35+ Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Beserta Jawaban - Penilaian Akhir Semester

Berikut ini 35 kumpulan Soal Penilaian Akhir Semester Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Beserta Jawabannya.

The following text is for questions number 1 to 5

Bridge Breaks in Central Java, Killing 5 People and Injuring 29 Others

A footbridge packed with tourists broke at a mountainous resort on Java Island Wednesday. Killing five people and injuring 29 after they plunged into a rocky riverbed , police and tourist officials said. The victim were evacuated to three nearby hospitals, said Surono, an employee at the Baturaden resort in Central Java province, adding that they fell more than 20 meters (yards) after one of the steel cable holding the small bridge snapped, Local police Chief Emron Putra Agung said five people were killed and 29 injured. The accident occurred as the country enjoys a weeklong holiday marking the end of the Islamic Month Ramadhan, when people traditionally flock to holiday sites. Baturaden, located 300 kilometer (190 miles) east of the capital Jakarta, is one of the most popular resorts on the slopes of Mount Slamet (3,428 meters, 11,246 feet), Java’s second-highest peak.

1. The text tells us about….

a. The evacation of the victims

b. The tourist resort in Central Java

c. The Killing of five visitors in Baturaden

d. The accident on the broken bridge in Baturaden

e. The popular tourist resort in Central Java

Answer : d

2. Some local tourist were killed and injured in Baturaden when….

a. They were swimming in the river

b. They were enjoying the landscape on the small bridge

c. They were in the riverbed

d. They were climbing Mount Slamet, Central Java

e. They were swinging on the small bridge over the rocky river

Answer : b

3. The footbridge in Baturaden broke because….

a. It couldn’t afford supporting overload

b. It had been too old to walk on

c. It had not been used for long time

d. It iled on the slope of Mount Slamet

e. It was used to evacuate the victims

Answer : a

4. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. The broken footbridge killed five visitors

b. The accident happened at the end of Ramadhan

c. The victim were left behind without relief

d. The visitors were killed because of falling into a rocky riverbed

e. The bridge broke because of one of the broken steel cable

Answer : c

5. ….Killing five people and injuring 29 after they plunged into a rocky riverbed.

What is the similar meaning of the words “plunged into”?

a. Fell back

b. Fell away

c. Fell off

d. Fell on

e. Fell down

Answer : a

Following text is for number 6-10


Mr. William Chan

Personal Manager

Wong and Lim Consulting

PO BOX 583, Kwai Chung


Dear Mr. Chan,

I am writing to apply for the post of Management Trainee, which was advertised on the student Affairs Office notice board of the Hongkong Polytechnic University on 1 March 2005.

My working experience at Lucky Star Garment Manuactory Limited improved my leadership skills, communication skills and ability to work in a team environment. I have fluent spoken and written English. I also have fluent spoken and written Mandarin, and therefore work in mainland China.

Currently I am studying B.A. in Management at the Hongkong Polytechnic University, graduating in 2005. Subjects which I am studying that are relevant to the post of Management Trainee include Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Marketing and strategic Management.

During my studies, I have had the post of Executive in Management Society activities I have improved my ability to lead and supervise subordinates effectively, ability to work under pressure and ability to work in a team environment.

Working for wong and Lim Consulting appeals to me because it has a good reputation and it provides excellent training. Your organization produces a high-quality service, and I can contribute to this with leadership skill and may ability to work under pressure.

I am available for interview at any time. I look forword to meeting you.

Your Sincerely,

Wong Wai Man Wilfred

Excl : Resume

6. What is the job title?

a. Consultant

b. Operation Management

c. Human resources Management

d. Accounting

e. Management trainee

Answer : e

7. What skill and personnel qualities are required?

a. Leadership skill, communication skill and ability to work in a team environment

b. Fluent spoken and written Mandarin

c. Have known about environment

d. Hard worker

e. Willing to work overtime

Answer : a

8. What is the name of the company with Wong Wai man Wilfred applying to?

a. Lucky Star Garment Manufactory Limited

b. Hong Kong Polytehnic University

c. Marketing and Strategic Management

d. Wong and Lim Consultant

e. Executive in the Management Society

Answer : d

9. Where does Mr. Chan live?

a. In the city of China

b. In the city of Hongkong

c. In the city of England

d. In the city of Malaysia

e. In the city of Singapore.

Answer : b

10. Who send the letter?

a. Mr. Chan

b. Mr. Wong

c. Mrs. Lim

d. Mr. Wong Wai Man Wilfred

e. Mr. Kwai Chung

Answer : d

The following text is for number 11 to 13

“Educational is a social process.

Education is growth. Education is

Not a preparation for life;


Is life itslife.”

-John Dewey-

11. What is the text tell about?

a. Education is important to us

b. A process of education

c. Education is our selves

d. Education is a preparation of our life

e. We need education

Answer : b

12. How do you call the text?

a. Report text

b. Caption

c. Discussion text

d. Short text

e. Announcement

Answer : b

13. Who will trust the sentences of the text?

a. Student

b. Parents

c. Teacher

d. None of them

e. Everybody

Answer : e

Liverpool Prepare Firmino Bid

Liverpool are the latest club to show interest in signing Hoffenheim star Roberto Firmino. Man United had been linked with the Brazillian but the Merseysiders are ready to Pounce an will lodge a massive bid of ϵ25 Million to land their man.

14. What is the current club of Firmino?

a. Hoffenheim

b. Bayern Munchen

c. Bayern Leverkusen

d. TSV 1860 Munich

e. Hertha Berlin

Answer : a

15. Who is interested in Firmino?

a. Arsenal

b. Liverpool

c. Birmingham

d. Manchester

e. Aston Villa

Answer : b

16. What is Firmino’s nationality?

a. Argentina

b. Brazil

c. Japan

d. South Korea

e. China

Answer : b

17. How much money will be given to Hoffenheim by Liverpool?

a. 25 million

b. 30 million

c. 35 million

d. 40 million

e. 45 million

Answer : a

18. Waiters : “Would you like a cup of tea?”

Costumer : “……I love tea. It’s good for our health.”

a. No, thanks

b. I’m sorry

c. I don’t think so

d. Sure

e. I don’t believe it

Answer : d

19. Kim : “The books that you brought looks very great….”

Lee : “Sure. It’s very kind of you. Thank you, Kim.”

a. Would you like me to help you?

b. Would you like to help me?

c. Would I like to help you?

d. Would you like to bring it for me?

e. Would you like me?

Answer : a

20. Tourist : “I don’t know this place. Can you tell me where is located?”

Native : “Well, It’s far enough. Would you like me to show your place?”

Tourist : “Really? It’s very kind of you.”

The underlined sentence shows us that….

a. The native is not really sure about the location

b. The native is in doubt about the location

c. The native accepts the tourist’s offer to help him

d. The native offers the tourist some help

e. The tourist is not a smart people

Answer : d

21. The place ... the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro was hilly

a. which

b. in which

c. that

d.on whichn

Answer: B

22. Siti: Mr. Katara, I’d like to introduce my self. ___ a new secretary at Inc.

Mr. Harjono: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.

Yuli: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you, too.

a. She’s Siti

b. I’m Harjono

c. I’m Siti

d. He’s Harjono

Answer: C

23. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…

a. economic

b. economically

c. economical

d. economize

Answer: C

24. As I don’t have enough capital to start a business, I would like to apply for a ... from the bank

a. loan

b. cash

c. debit

d. deposit

Answer: A

25. The boys ... the jacket must be a tourist

a. wears

b. wearing

c. to wear

d. she wears

Answer: B

26. Dian and Yunita ... professional dancers.

a. am

b. are

c. is

d. was

Answer: B

27. Doni: Would you come to our workshop tomorrow?

Berta: That would be great.

In the dialogue Doni is giving Berta ...

a. an order

b. an invitation

c. an advice

d. a suggestion

Answer: B

28. Budi and Lina promised to meet at the restaurant last night but Budi didn’t appear. So the following day Lina phoned him.

Budi: ...

Lina: No excuse. You broke the promise.

Budi: Listen! Last night a friend of mine got an accident, so I took her to the hospital.

a. I begged your pardon for meeting you last night

b. I am sorry that I couldn’t meet you at the restaurant

c. I apologize your fault to me

d. I am really sorry about what I said to you last night

Answer: B

29. Daughter: Mom, have you seen my report card?

Mother : Sure. You are great, my daughter. I’m....

Daughter: Thank you, mom.

a. ashamed of you

b. stolen up with you

c. happy to hear that

d. very proud of you

Answer: D

30. Supri ... to his office by bus.

a. goes

b. gone

c. had gone

d. go

Answer: A


31. “It is half past nine”

The correct numbering of this expression is…..

a. 9.40                                  

b. 9.30                                    

c. 9.45

d. 9.50

Answer: B

32. ‘What did Adi promise you yesterday ?”

“……together in my home.

a. studied

b. to study

c. studying

d.we study

Answer: B


33. ... If borrow this book ?

a. would

b. may

c. do you mind

d. want you

Answer: C

34. ... I take your umbrella ?

a. do you mind

b. will

c. could

d. want

Answer: C


35. ... I take your umbrella ?

a. do you mind

b. will

c. could

d. want

Answer: C