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37 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa SD beserta jawabannya

Berikut ini adalah 37 soal pilihan ganda bahasa Inggris untuk siswa SD beserta jawabannya:

1. The opposite of "happy" is...

a. Sad

b. Mad

c. Angry

d. hungry

Jawaban: a. Sad

2. Which one is a mammal?

a. Fish

b. Bird

c. Elephant

d. ant

Jawaban: c. elephant

3. What is the name of the biggest ocean in the world?

a. Atlantic Ocean

b. Indian Ocean

c. Pacific Ocean

Jawaban: c. Pacific ocean

4. Which one is not a fruit?

a. Apple

b. Carrot

c. Banana

Jawaban: b. Carrot

5. How many days are there in a week?

a. Five

b. Six

c. Seven

Jawaban: c. Seven

6. Which one is a color?

a. Happy

b. Yellow

c. Jump

Jawaban: b. yellow

7. Which one is a shape with three sides?

a. Square

b. Circle

c. Triangle

Jawaban: c. Triangle

8. What is the opposite of "big"?

a. Small

b. Tall

c. Short

Jawaban: a. Small

9. What is the name of the planet we live on?

a. Mars

b. Earth

c. Jupiter

Jawaban: b. Earth

10. Which one is a vegetable?

a. Orange

b. Tomato

c. Strawberry

Jawaban: b. Tomato

11. How many fingers do we have on one hand?

a. Three

b. Four

c. Five

Jawaban: c. Five

12. Which one is a type of transportation?

a. Book

b. Car

c. Chair

Jawaban: b. Car

13. What is the opposite of "day"?

a. Night

b. Morning

c. Afternoon

Jawaban: a. Night

14. Which one is a type of weather?

a. Snowman

b. Rain

c. Sunflower

Jawaban: b. Rain

15. Which one is a type of pet?

a. Tree

b. Fish

c. Pen

Jawaban: b. Fish

16. What is the name of the season that comes after winter?

a. Summer

b. Spring

c. Fall

Jawaban: b. Spring

17. Which one is a tool for writing?

a. Pencil

b. Hammer

c. Screwdriver

Jawaban: a. Pecil

18. What is the name of the continent that has the most countries?

a. Europe

b. Asia

c. Australia

Jawaban: b. Europe

19. What is the opposite of "hot"?

a. Cold

b. Warm

c. Cool

Jawaban: a. Cold

20. Which one is a type of food?

a. Chair

b. Pizza

c. Table

Jawaban: b. Pizza

21. Which word means "a place where books are kept"?

a. Library

b. Playground

c. Museum

d. Cinema

Jawaban: a. Library

22. Which word means "a piece of clothing that covers the foot"?

a. Shirt

b. Sock

c. Hat

d. Glove

Jawaban: b. Sock

23. Which word means "to put words on paper"?

a. Draw

b. Write

c. Sing

d. Dance

Jawaban: b. Write

24. Which word means "to give something to someone"?

a. Take

b. Bring

c. Give

d. Receive

Jawaban: c. Give

25.Which word means "a person who takes care of sick people"?

a. Teacher

b. Nurse

c. Chef

d. Athlete

Jawaban: b. Nurse

26.Which word means "a small piece of paper used to buy things"?

a. Money

b. Ticket

c. Card

d. Coupon

Jawaban: d. Coupon

27. Which word means "a place where planes take off and land"?

a. Train station

b. Bus stop

c. Airport

d. Harbour

Jawaban: c. Airport

28. Which word means "a person who flies a plane"?

a. Pilot

b. Driver

c. Sailor

d. Fisherman

Jawaban: a. Pilot

29. Which word means "a period of 60 minutes"?

a. Second

b. Minute

c. Hour

d. Day

Jawaban: b. Minute

30. Which word means "a sweet food made from milk and sugar"?

a. Bread

b. Cake

c. Candy

d. Chocolate

Jawaban: c. Candy

31. Which word means "a building where people can buy things"?

a. Shop

b. Office

c. School

d. Hospital

Jawaban: a. Shop

32. Which word means "a person who teaches students in school"?

a. Doctor

b. Lawyer

c. Teacher

d. Artist

Jawaban: c. Teacher

33. Which word means "a place where people go to swim"?

a. Park

b. Beach

c. Pool

d. Lake

Jawaban: c. Pool

34. Which word means "a vehicle with two wheels"?

a. Car

b. Bus

c. Bicycle

d. Motorcycle

Jawaban: c. Bicycle

35. Which word means "a place where people can watch plays and movies"?

a. Theatre

b. Museum

c. Library

d. Stadium

Jawaban: a. Theatre

36. Which word means "a type of food made from meat and vegetables"?

a. Pizza

b. Salad

c. Soup

d. Stew

Jawaban: d. Stew

37. Which word means "a person who works in a hospital and helps doctors"?

a. Patient

b. Nurse

c. Surgeon

d. Pharmacist

Jawaban: b. Nurse