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30 Soal Latihan Bahasa inggris kelas X SMA beserta kunci jawabannya

Contoh soal Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA  telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya untuk memudahkan para pembaca untuk mengevaluasi sejauh mana perkembangan menguasai bahasa inggris di Sekolah.

30 Contoh soal latihan Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA  beserta kunci jawabannya semoga bermanfaat bagi seluruh peserta didik yang akan mengikuti ujian semester. soal ini juga dapat digunakan oleh guru untuk membuat soal ujian.

30 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris kelas X

1. Andy: where do you live? Siska: ..................... 

a. I am an English teacher 

b. I have 2 brothers and i sister 

c. I live in Kualasimpang 

d. I have a new car 

Jawaban: C

2. Sassy: I lost my wallet at the airport yesterday. Hendri : ................ 

a. Wow, fantastic 

b. Pardon me 

c. I’m sorry to hear that. 

d. Ok. Thanks 

Jawaban: C

3. Dilla: Tessa, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Agy. Tessa: .................. 

a. I’m Tessa. How do you do? 

b. Hi. See you tomorrow 

c. No, I’m not Tessa 

d. Hi. See you later. 

Jawaban: A

Mr Anton : "Good afternoon, Sir. May I introduce myself? My name is Anton. I am a technician of PT General Automotive. "

The secretary : "What can I do for you, sir

Mr anton : "I want to see Mr. Rahmat, the mechanic in the workshop. Is he in today? "

The secretary : "I am sorry, Sir. Mr. Rahmat isn't in today"

Mr. Anton : "I see. Well, thank you. Goodbye. "

4. What are Mr. Anton and the secretary talking about?

A. a technician of PT General Automotive

B. a way of greetings

C. Mr. Anton and the secretary

D. Mr. Rahmat's hobby

E. Mr. Rahmat's attendance

Jawaban: E

5. May I introduce myself? What does the Statement indicate?

A. greeting

B. Advice

C. Introduction of oneself

D. Complain

E. Introducting others

Jawaban: C

Questions to 6 s.d 7!

Read the following dialog

Danny :"Hello, Roy."

Roy :"Hi, Danny. It’s nice to sec you here.”

Danny : ''Nice to see you, too. How are you?

Roy : "Fine, thalk you. And you?"

Danny :"I’m quite well, thanks."

Roy : "Have you met my friends?” This is Nani and Tom

Danny : "How do you do, guys? Glad to meet you."

Nani-Tom : "How do you do, Danny? Glad to meet you, too."

Roy : ''Please, take a seat. I'll ask for the menu to the waitters”

Danny : "I am sorry. I am in a hurry."

Roy : “Oh! Are you? That's bad. Hope to see you again. Goodbye, Roy."

Danny : "Goodbye, everybody."

6. "How do you do, guys? Glad to meet you

What does the underlined word mean?

A. sad

B. lazy

C. pleasant

D. egotistic

E. uninterested

Jawaban: C

7. "May 1 introduce myself? "

What is the synonym of the underlined word?

A. present

B. deduce

C. contest

D. annoy

E. dedicate

Jawaban: A

8. Who is the mutual friend between them?

A. Roy

B. Tom

C. Nani

D. Danny

E. The waiters

Jawaban: D

Untuk soal nomor 9-10 

Dear Karinka Svetlonav, 

Congratulations on your presentation to our new clients last Friday. I thought your descriptive approach with multicolored visuals was very effective. The clients seemed especially to appreciate your attention to detail when you answered their questions. Thank you for the preparation you put into this effort. It was one of the best I have attended. 


Bob Marshall 

9. From the message we know that... 

a. Bob Marshall congratulated Karinka for being the best client on last Friday 

b. Karinka Svetlonav’s presentation was very effective 

c. Bob Marshall was Karinka Svetlonav’s best client in the company 

d. Karinka Svetlonav compliments Bob for doing a good presentation last Friday 

Jawaban: B

10. According to the message... 

a. Bob Marshall congratulated Karinka 

b. Bob Marshall appreciated her attention to detail when she answered their questions 

c. Bob Marshall envied to Karinka Svetlonav’s presentation 

d. Bob Marshall wanted Ms. Svetlonav to prepare the presentation on Friday 

Jawaban: B

Soal untuk nomor 11-13 

Josh: A new cellphone Uncle? 

Pete: Yes. My old one is broken. 

Josh: May I see it? 

Pete: Sure. Here you are. 

Josh: Wow! It looks sophisticated. It has complete features and multi-function. It is completed with analog TV, right? 

Pete: Exactly! 

Josh: It has sharp colors and clear sound. Wonderful! 

11. What is the dialog about? 

a. Josh’s multifunction Phone 

b. The wonderful Cell phone 

c. Josh’s sophisticated new cell phone 

d. Pete’s new cell phone 

Jawaban: D

12. Who is talking in the dialog? 

a. Uncle and Aunty 

b. Uncle and nephew 

c. Father and son 

d. Uncle and niece 

Jawaban: B

13. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? 

a. The new cell phone has bright colors 

b. Josh compliments Pete’s cell phone 

c. The new cell phone has an analog TV 

d. Pete bought a new cell phone for Josh 

Jawaban: D

14. My sister is Dewi.....8 .years old.

A. He is

B. I am

C. She is

D. We are

E. He does

Jawaban: C

Quations No 15 to 16!

Tito : “ Wina I saw you on the debate competition yesterday. That was a heated debat. Congratulations for your winning! What an amazing victory!”

Wina : Thanks. It was actually a team has a really good skill and talent.”

15. What is the antonym of heated ?

A. Impasstion

B. Enthusiatic

C. Intense

D. Ragging

E. Dull

Jawaban: E

16. What can you get from the dialoque ?

A. She denies the compliment that she receive.

B. She doesn’t want to accept the compliment because she doesn’t feel confident

C. She want people to compliment her achievement.

D. She doesn’t want to sound arrogant.

E. She wants to give the credit to th who deserve it.

Jawaban: D

Quations no 17 to 18!

Father : "Honey, Come here. i bought you a new pairrs of show."

Daughter : "Really? Oh my god, thank you so much, Dad. They so beautiful! I Love them"

Father : "Do you really like them?"

Daughter : Of course I do"

Father : "Listen. I have to go to Rome for bussiness next week. So I wouldn't be here to celebrate your birthday. I am so sorry."

Daughter : "How long will you be there?"

Father : "I'll stay there for 5 days."

Daughter : "That's too bad"

Father : "But promise you to bring something from rome. What do you want? A doll? A dress?"

Daughter : "It's okey, Dad. You don't have to buy me something, just come home safety."

Father : "I will, dear. Hey, why don't you try your new shoes? See if they fit!"

Daughter : "All right!"

Father : "Look at you! they look really good on you"

17. What is the false information from the text?

A. The daughter is disoppointed to receive a new pairs of shoes as her birthday present .

B. The father can’t celebrate his daughter’s birthday sibce he will be

C. The daughter respons to her father compliment by saying her

D. The daughter return her compliment to her father by saying “ thank You. “

E. The father compliment his daughter when she is wearing the shoes.

Jawaban: A

18. How does the daughter respond to the father’s compliment?

A. Refusing and accepting

B. Accepting and showing suprise

C. Accepting and showing responsible

D. Accepting and returning the compliment

E. Accepting and giving humorous response

Jawaban: D

19. Your little sister drew a picture of you. She show you the picture. What kind of reaction should you say in order to encourage he?

A. You’d better quit dreaming about being a great actrist.

B. Your drawing is that good.

C. What agreat picture! You are really a talented

D. Is that me in the picture? Not bad!

E. What picture is this ? I don’t even know who or what you drew.

Jawaban: C

20. Rudy will ... to th cinema watch a film

A. go

B. gone

C. going

D. went

E. goes

Jawaban: A

Questions to 21 s.d 22!


Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo is a lake with a breathtaking and exotic scenery that is located at the slope of the highest peak in java. Semeru mouned or Mahameru. The edge of the lake is usad as a rest area and camping ground for Semeru Mountain Climbers.

Ranu Kumbolo is accessible from Malang or Lumajang East Java. You will pass a 5 km of slope with edelwish growing every where and beautiful slep rock, the valley and hills are evergrown with pines that look very amazing from the track: sometimes the smoke from Semeru peak can also be seen. In the rainy season, the climbing is closed due to the erosion and strom. It is closed for 4 months from December to April and it is will be opened after the route survey by the BTS National Park crew.

21. Where is wawan intending to go ?

A. His uncle’s house

B. His freind’s house

C. Bus station

D. His grandparent’s house

E. The driver’s house

Jawaban: A

22. How will he go to his uncle’s house ?

A. On foot

B. By truck

C. By train

D. By bicycle

E. By bus

Jawaban: E

23. What time will Wawan leave so he will not miss the bus ?

A. At 10 o’clock

B. At 8 o’clock

C. At 7 o’clock

D. At 11 o’clock

E. At 9 o’clock

Jawaban: E

24. How long will he stay at his uncle’s house ?

A. Two days

B. A month

C. One day

D. Two weeks

E. One week

Jawaban: C

25. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To entertain the reader.

B. To tell the truth

C. To persuade the reader

D. To inform the reder

E. To retell past event

Jawaban: B

26. What is the highest peak in Java ?

A. Mahameru

B. Bromo

C. Limited

D. Manglayang

E. Papandayan

Jawaban: A

27. Ranu Kumbolo is accessible from Malang.

What is the synonym of accessible ?

A. Deficient

B. Reachable

C. Limited

D. Retricted

E. Inacessible

Jawaban: B

28. Based on the text above, what is the author’s opinion about Ranu Kumbolo ?

A. Amazing

B. Awful

C. Horrible

D. Boring

E. Messy

Jawaban: A

29. You never know how Nadine will react. One moment she’s so nice and the next she’s the nastiest person in the world. She’s really... 

a. selfish 

b. respectful 

c. shy 

d. moody 

Jawaban: D

30. Be careful when you give Zahra bad news. You can hurt her easily because she’s very ...... 

a. critical 

b. affectionate 

c. sensitive 

d. responsible 

Jawaban: C