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30 Soal latihan Bahasa Inggris materi expression of greeting pada kelas 7 SMP Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

Contoh Soal latihan Bahasa Inggris materi expression of greeting pada kelas 7 SMP sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban untuk memudahkan dalam proses belajar. 

Contoh soal latihan bahasa Inggris yang telah jamboguru rangkum tersebut dapat dipakai oleh guru maupun peserta didik untuk memperlancar penguasaan materi tentang greeting’s expression.

30 Soal latihan Bahasa Inggris materi expression of greeting pada kelas 7 SMP Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

Choose A, B, C, or D for the correct answer!

1. Tina :  “Bye-bye, Dea”

Rifa : “ ... “

A. Good morning

B. See you later

C. I am fine

D. Thank you

Jawaban: B

2. Nina : ”... is he?”

Lili : He is Hendra.

A. How

B. Who

C. What

D. Where

Jawaban: A

Text for number 3-7!

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Fatya Kartika.

My nick name is Fatya.

I am 10 years old. I am a student.

I am from Bogor

3. The girl is ...

A. Drawing

B. studying

C. listening

D. introducing

Jawaban: D

4. The girl name is ...

A. Fatya

B. Kartika

C. Kartika Fatya

D. Fatya kartika

Jawaban: D

5. The girl's nick name is ...

A. Fatya

B. Kartika

C. Tika

D. Tya

Jawaban: A

6. Fatya is ... years old.

A. seven

B. eight

C. nine

D. ten

Jawaban: D

7. Fatya is a ...

A. teacher

B. student

C. doctor

D. nurse

Jawaban: B

8. Fatya is from ...

A. Bogor

B. Padang

C. Jakarta

D. Bandung

Jawaban: A

9. Rama : Where do you ...?

Indri : I live at jalan Bunga.

A. old

B. live

C. life

D. born

Jawaban: B

10. Aris : “Thank you, Ratih”

Ratih : ...

A. You are welcome

B. Good morning

C. I am Ratih

D. I am fine

Jawaban: A

Question number 11 is based on the following conversation.

Teacher: “Good morning, students …!”

Students: “…, Miss.”

Teacher: “Have you done your homework?”

Students:” Yes ….”

11. The best response for the blank part in the conversation is ….

A. “Good day, …”

B. “Good night, …”

C. “Good morning, …”

D. “Good afternoon, …

Jawaban: C

Question number 12 to 14 is based on the following conversation.

(At the break time)

Aurel: “Hi, Atta …”

Atta: “Hi, Aurel. How are you today?”

Aurel: “I am really good. And you?”

Atta: “Well, I am fine but I am a little bit nervous.”

Aurel: “Why?”

Atta: “My class is going to have speaking test in English today. I don’t know if I can do it. I haven’t prepared well.”

Aurel: “Well, I’m sure you can do it. Just do your best.”

Atta: “Thanks.”

Aurel: “By the way, I want you to meet Laura. She is the new student in my class. Laura, this is my friend, Atta from Class 7 B.”

Atta: “Oh, how do you do, Laura.”

Laura: “How do you do, too.”

Aurel: “So, Atta, we are going to the canteen now. I’ll see you.”

Atta: “Ok, I’ll see you too. It’s nice to meet you, Laura.”

Laura: “It’s nice to meet you too, Atta.”

12. Based on the conversation, how long have Laura and Atta known each other?

A. Not long, they are just met that day.

B. They have known each other since elementary school.

C. They never knew each other.

D. They are neighbors.

Jawaban: A

13. Why is Atta nervous?

A. because he meets Laura

B. because he is not really well

C. because he doesn’t want to go to the canteen

D. because he hasn’t prepared well for the speaking test

Jawaban: D

14. Where does the conversation take place?

A. at the school

B. in the break time

C. at the canteen

D. at Aurel’s house

Jawaban: A

Question number 15 to 16 is based on the following conversation.

Jorginho: “Morning, Messi.”

Messi: “Morning, Jorginho.”

Jorginho: “How are you today?”

Messi: “….”

Jorginho: “What’s wrong?”

Messi: “I was typing my science assignment last night when the electricity went out. I haven’t saved the file and I didn’t have more time to retype it.”

Jorginho: “Whoa, that’s too bad. I am sorry to hear that, buddy.”

Messi: “Thanks, Jorginho.”

15. The best expression to fill the blank is ….

A. I’m good

B. Not bad

C. I am so happy today

D. I am upset

Jawaban: D

16. What have happened with Messi?

A. He has science assignment.

B. He doesn’t know how to type the science assignment.

C. He hasn’t saved his file when the electricity went out.

D. His computer is broken.

Jawaban: C

Question number 17 to 20 is based on the following conversation.

Upin: “Hello, Santi, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you?”

Santi: “Well, hello Upin. I am fine, thank you. I just got back from my holiday.”

Upin:” Where did you go on holiday?”

Santi: “My parents and I went to Yogyakarta for two weeks.”

Upin:” Wow, that’s nice. Did you enjoy it?”

Santi: “Yes, very much. It was the best holiday.”

Upin: “I’ve never been to Yogyakarta. I hope I can go there too one day.”

Santi: “You should go, Upin. It was really fun there.”

Upin: “Yeah. So, Santi, I am going home now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Santi: “Ok, Upin. Good night.”

Upin: “Good night.”

17. How long Upin hasn’t seen Santi?

A. during the holiday

B. for a month

C. for two weeks

D. for an hour

Jawaban: C

18. How does Santi feel about her holiday?

A. She doesn’t say anything.

B. She is happy with it.

C. She stayed for two weeks.

D. She doesn’t like Yogyakarta.

Jawaban: B

19. The following statements are correct, except ….

A. Santi just had a trip to Yogyakarta.

B. Santi has not seen Upin lately.

C. Upin enjoyed Yogyakarta very much.

D. Santi went to Yogyakarta for two weeks.

Jawaban: C

20. Why did Upin and Santi say “good night” to each other?

A. because they want to sleep

B. because they will go home and will not see each other again until tomorrow

C. because they have done talking to each other

D. because they are sleepy

Jawaban: B

21. ''Hello, ... is Nadin.”

A. my

B. I am

C. what

D. my name

Jawaban: D

22. Diana : “... is your name?”

Rafi : My name is Rafi.'“

A. What

B. That

C. This

D. It

Jawaban: A

23. Sena : “Good moning, Via.”

Via : “ ... “

A. Good night

B. Good morning

C. Good evening

D. Good afternoon

Jawaban: B

24. Alda :”How are you?”

Ghea : “...”

A. I am

B. Fine

C. My name

D. I am fine

Jawaban: D

25. Koko : “Are you Ok?”

Ami : “ ... ”

A. Yes, I OK.

B. Yes, I am OK.

C. No, I OK

D. No, it is OK

Jawaban: B

26. Gina : “Good bye, Radit.”

Radit : ...”

A. Good bye

B. Good night

C. Good morning

D. Good evening

Jawaban: A

27. Reza : “ ... are you?”

Ima : “I am ten years old.”

A. What

B. What is

C. How old

D. How do

Jawaban: C

28. Mary : “Nice to meet you”

Anggi : “ ... “

A. Good morning

B. How are you

C. How do you do

D. Nice to meet you, too

Jawaban: D

29. Fani : “ ... ?”

Ira : “I am very well, thanks.”

A. How are you

B. Good morning

C. Nice to meet you

D. What is your name

Jawaban: B

30. Syifa : ”... are you from?

Kayla : “I am from Bogor.”

A. How

B. What

C. When

D. Where

Jawaban: B