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30 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 beserta jawabannya terbaru

Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 beserta jawabannya merupakan soal yang telah jamboguru.com rangkum dari berbagai sumber dengan tujuan menjadi pembelajaran bagi para guru dan pelajar dalam menghadapi Soal Akhir Semester Tahun ini.

30 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 8  dibawah ini telah dilengkapi dengan jawaban untuk memudahkan dalam proses belajar.. selamat mengerjakan.

30 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 beserta jawabannya terbaru

Read the text then find the suitable words to complete the sentences as an answer of question number 10 to 15!!

Last week I .......(1) my grandmother’s house. I .......(2) public transportation to reach thehouse. On the trip, I .......(3) so many beautiful scenery there. My grandmother greet me, when I ......(4) her house. She looked so glad. She .....(5) me her delicious food, then we...........(6) together.

1. The suitable word for number 1 is...

a. go to

b. goes to

c. went to

d. gone to

Jawaban: C

2. The suitable word for number 2 is...

a. Took

b. Take

c. Taken

d. Takked

Jawaban: A

3. The suitable word for number 3 is...

a. See

b. Seen

c. Saw

d. Sawed

Jawaban: C

4. The suitable word for number 4 is...

a. Came

b. Come

c. Comed

d. Coming

Jawaban: A

5. The suitable word for number 5 is...

a. Give

b. Gift

c. Given

d. Gave

Jawaban: D

6. The suitable word for number 6 is...

a. Eat

b. Eated

c. Ate

d. Eating

Jawaban: C

7. My uncle worls in the zoo. He repairs the animal cages ...

a. every day

b. regularly

c. frequently

d. every hour

Jawaban: B

8. It is a tame animal. It has two long ears. It eats carrot. It hops. It lives in burrows.

The animal in the description is ...

a. cat

b. dog

c. rabbit

d. cow

jawaban : C

9. My sister and I get up early ...

a. every day

b. every sunday

c. every time

d. every Saturday

Jawaban: A

10. When my sister and I get up early in the morning, we also help our mother to prepare for the...

a. lunch

b. breakfast

c. supper

d. dinner

Jawaban: B

11. Elephant is an animal that should need to be cleaned or washed ...

a. every Sunday

b. every month

c. every day

d. every week

Jawaban: C

12. it is a clever mammal that can solve problems and hold things in their hands. It lives in groups called troops. it eats plants, bird'eggs, small animals and insects. Most of them live in the forest.

The animal in the description is ...

a. elephant

b. monkey

c. bear

d. tiger

Jawaban: B

13. When my siste and I get home, we do the assignments from our teachers. We do and finish our ...

a. homework

b. lesson

c. mathematic

d. english

Jawaban: A

14. After taking nap, I usually water ...

a. the glass

b. the plants

c. the dish

d. the house

Jawaban: B

15. There is nobody at home most of the day. Both my father and mother go to ...

a. work

b. bed

c. market

d. field

Jawaban: A

16. The boys and the girls ... busy cleaning up the class.

a. is

b. are

c. were

d. was

Jawaban: B

Read the text to answer question number 17 to 20

Adam’s Diary

May 2010

23 Sunday. When I got up, I felt ill, I went back to bed. Mum called the doctor. But he couldn’t come, because he was ill too. 24 Monday. The doctor come at 11 O’clock. He wrote a prescription for some medicine. Mum bought it in the drugstore. It was horrible. Yuck!

25 Tuesday. Dad bought me model aeroplane. I read the instructions, but I couldn’t make it, because the dog ate the glue. 

17. What happened at 23rd May to Adam?

a. He couldn’t come

b. He wrote a prescription

c. He felt ill

d. He was slipping

Jawaban: C

18. Who called the doctor?

a. Father

b. Adam

c. Mother

d. Doctor

Jawaban: C

19. What did the doctor write at 24th?

a. Instructions

b. Model aeroplane

c. Address of drugstore

d. Prescription

Jawaban: D

20. Adam could not make the aeroplane, why? Because...

a. He felt ill

b. The dog ate the glue

c. The doctor was ill too

d. Mum bought medicine

Jawaban: B

Read the text to answer question number 21 to 25

Last holiday I went to Paris. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of French. Then he lent me a book. I read a few lines, but I did not understand a word. Everyday I thought about postcards. My holidays passed quickly, but I did not send any cards to my friends. On the last day I made a big decision, I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent the whole day in my room, but I did not write a single card!

21. What is the text about?

a. Visiting museum

b. Postcard

c. Words of French

d. Holiday

Jawaban: D

22. What is the generic structure (tenses) of the text above?

a. Simple present tense

b. Simple past tense

c. Present continues tense

d. Simple future tense

Jawaban: B

23. Whom did the writer meet in Paris?

a. Friendly waiter

b. His friends

c. Postman

d. Mother

Jawaban: A

24. What was the first place the writer visited?

a. Museum

b. Public garden

c. His room

d. Post office

Jawaban: A

25. ‘I read a few lines, ...’

What does the underlined phrase mean?

a. Words in a postcard

b. Text on the book

c. Museum guiding

d. Garden’s rules

Jawaban: B

26. ...... student in this class is my nephew

a. Diligents

b. More diligent

c. The most diligent

d. Diligent

Jawaban: C

27. Andi is as..... as Toni

a. Taller

b. Tall

c. The tallest

d. The more tall

Jawaban: A

28. Indah is..... than Ani

a. Diligentest

b. More diligent

c. Most diligent

d. Diligenter

Jawaban: B

29. Andi is the...... student in his class

a. The more tall

b. Tallest

c. Tall

d. Taller

Jawaban: D

30. The rabbit runs..... than the turtle

a. Fastest

b. Faster

c. Fasts

d. Fast

Jawaban: B

Demikian Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas VIII dan kunci jawabannya semoga dapat digunakan sebagai pembelajaran kedepannya.