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33+ Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD Beserta Jawaban

33 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD ini telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban yang memudahkan untuk belajar adik-adik dalam mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapi ujian akhir sekolah.

Soal Latihan UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD ini diharapkan dapat melatih kemampuan dan pemahaman bahasa Inggris adik-adik kelas 6 SD dalam belajar secara mandiri di rumah.

Berikut ini 33 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD beserta jawaban yang telah jamboguru.com rangkum dari berbagai sumber, semoga bermanfaat.

33 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD

1. Nonik is ... in the bed room

a. sleeping

b. eating

c. traveling

d. swimming

Jawaban: A

2. She is ... the floor.

a. driving

b. sweeping

c. swimming

d. speaking

Jawaban: B

3. Moslems pray in the...

a. mosque               

b. church                 

c. temple                          

d. airport

Jawaban: A

4. The capital city of East Java is ....

a. Bandung              

b. Surabaya               

c. Semarang                     

d. Medan

Jawaban: B

5. What animal has two legs and cannot fly?

a. Snake

b. Bird

c. Chicken

d. Lizard

Answer: C

6. How to breed of chicken ?

a. Ovipar

b. ovovivipar

c. Vivipar

d. Vipar

Answer: A

7. Bandung is located is ...

a. West Java

b. East Java

c.  Central Java

d. Banten

Jawaban: A


We are not allowed to turn ...

a. left

b. right

c. forward

d. around

Jawaban: B

9. Devi is clever. Ayu is clever. Devi is ... Ayu.

a. as clever as

b. as clever

c. more clever

d. cleverest

Jawaban: A

10. Dodi is twelve years old. Andi is ten years old. Andi is ... than Dodi.

a. old

b. young

c. older

d. younger

Jawaban: D

11. ....... the baby is sleeping !

a. Don’t make noise

b. Be happy

c. Be careful

d. Be diligent

Jawaban: A

12. You have a motorcycle. The motorcycle is ...

a. you

b. your

c. yours

d. you are

Jawaban: C

13. Where are they studying ? They are in the...

a. classroom

b. canteen

c. library

d. office

Jawaban: A

14. He is ... in Kelud mountain.

a. fishing

b. climbing

c. cleaning

d. traveling

Jawaban: B

15. The doctor works in the ....

a. school                 

b. garden                  

c. market                        

d. hospital

Jawaban: D

16. I have a new robot. It is ... robot

a. me

b. my

c. mine

d. your

Jawaban: B

17. Mrs. Herny is Talita’s mother. Talita is ... daughter

a. she

b. hers

c. him

d. her

Jawaban: D

18. Today is Monday. We wear ... cap on the flag ceremony.

a. we

b. us

c. our

d. ours

Jawaban: C

19. The library is behind the school. The antonym of behind is ...

a. in front of

b. next to

c. between

d. beside

Jawaban: A

20. The opposite of south is ...

a. south west

b. south east

c. west

d. north

Jawaban: D

21. A : “Whose ring is that ?”

      B : “That ring belongs to Yusi. That is ...

a. his

b. hers

c. yours

d. theirs

Jawaban: B

22. .... has a trunk.

a. Elephant              

b. Monkey                 

c. Lion                          

d. Tiger

Jawaban: A

23. Rani  : "Can you give me a candy?"

      Maya : "...., of course."

a. Yes                    

b. No                       

c. Please               

d. Don’t

Jawaban: A

24. Elma : "Where do you live?"

      Okta : ".......................".

a. I'm fine thanks

b. sit down!

c. I live in Kediri                                

d. Thank you very much

Jawaban: C

25. Majapahit was a ... long time.

a. village

b. country

c. district

d. kingdom

Jawaban: D

26. The queen lives in a ...

a. kingdom

b. hospital

c. temple

d. hotel

Jawaban: A

27. Kalimantan is ... of Java.

a. south

b. north

c. east

d. west

Jawaban: B

28. It is not my tie. The tie is not ...

a. our

b. me

c. my

d. mine

Jawaban: D

29. A : “Wow ! Is it ... toy car ?”

      B : “Yes, it is my toy car.

a. me

b. you

c. my

d. your

Jawaban: D

30. Amanda always gets the first rank in her class. She is the ... student in the class.

a. clever                

b. more clever            

c. cleverest                   

d. cleverer

Jawaban: C

31. A : “How much does the pencil cost?”

      B : “It ... one thousand rupiahs.”

a. cost

b. costed

c. costs

d. costing

Jawaban: C

32. A : “Do you know Mr. Dicky?”

      B : “Yes, I ... .”

a. am

b. do

c. does

d. know

Jawaban: D

33. Where the Rafflesia Flowers lives ?

a. Park national Indonesia

b. Park national java

c. Park national banten

d. Park national Bengkulu

Jawaban: D

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