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Pengertian Teks Procedure dan Contohnya

Jenis text (text type/genre)  didefinisikan sebagai ”the ways that we get things done through language – the ways we exchange information and knowlegde and interact socially”. Genre juga diartikan sebagai “proses sosial yang bertahap dan berorientasi pada tujuan”. Dalam kegiatan pembelajaran ini peserta akan membahas mengenai procedure text sebagai salah satu contoh dari text types/genre.

What Is Procedure text?

Procedure text is a piece of written or spoken text which gives the readers or the listeners instructions for making or doing something. It is designed to describe how something is achieved through a sequence of actions or steps. 

Therefore, it can be in the form of a set of instructions, directions or a manual. The social function of procedure text is to inform the readers or the listeners how to make or to do something. Procedures can be found in science experiments and in instructional manuals such as gardening and cookbooks and technical instruction sheets. 

Here are some examples of  procedures that related to various subjects: 

  • Language : How to organise an essay.
  • Social Science: How to use an atlas to locate a place.
  • Math: How to find the perimeter or a rectangle using 1 cm cubes.
  • Health: How to treat snake bite.
  • Science: How to conduct an experiment.
  • Physical Education: How to play a game.
  • Craft: How to tie-dye fabric 

Generic Structure

  • Goal: provide information on the intent and purpose of the procedure and  predict a conclusion.
  • Materials: lists the material or the materials required to perform a procedure or steps.
  • Steps: a list of the order of instruction / activity to achieve the objectives in  the correct sequence of steps. 

Language Features

The Procedure Text:  

  • Using simple present tense
  • Using action verbs or imperative sentence (e.g.: Pour some water…..)
  • Using connectors/connective words (e.g.: first, then, finally,…) 
  • Using adverbial phrases (e.g. : for five minutes, 2 centimeters from the top)
  • Sometimes is started adverb of manner ( e.g. carefully fill the bottle…)
  • Using technical terms depending on the topic of discussion
  • Giving details of the instruments used, like size, clour and the quantity