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25 Soal Bahasa Inggris, Belajar PPG dan SKB CPNS lengkap Dengan Jawabannya

 This following text is for questions no. 1, 2 and 3.

1.  The text tells us about …. 

 A. announcement of a day parenting guidance seminar 

B. information about parents and students meeting

C. invitation to a post secondary options evening

D. information about school admission programs 

2.  From the text we know that …. 

A. all attendances will meet the representatives of post-secondary institution 

B. WHS only invites who are interested in post-secondary institution

C. The post-secondary institution would make the meeting interesting

D. there will be no new program offered in the event

3. That text is intended to .... 

A. WHS representative and all parents 

B. all parents and students of WHS school

C. representatives of post- secondary institutions

D. WHS secondary IV and V parents and students


 This text is for questions 4 and 5

4. Why does Nina write this card?

    A. to celebrate a house warming 

    B. to remind about the house warming

    C. to come on time to house warming

    D. to confirm a house warming

5. What should Lia do after receiving this card?

A. set a reminder    

B. come with Nina

C. save this card    

D. call Nina 

6. check your email? I have sent the proposal about the school project. 

A. should 

B. may 

C. must

D. Would

7. Volcanic fumes are hazardous to your health and can be lifethreatening. 

The use of modal verb CAN, means......

 A. possibility                      C. warning

 B. certainty                         D. Request

8. A good teacher .......identify his students' characters to enable a meaningful and joyful learning process. 

A. may 

B. ought to 

C. can

D. will

9. Woman: Sir, ____  I use the internet? My students need it to search  information related to  text types .  Man:  Sure. You just need  connect to this  school  wifi. You know the password, don't you?  

A. must 

B. may 

C. should

D. might

10. Building student reading habit is every teacher`s obligation. The government.........force teacher to do so. 

A. is not to 

B. cannot 

C. shouldn’t

D. may not

11. Mother .....start to get upset if she sees her children don't finish their  breakfast.

A. shall 

B. will 

C. must

D. May

12. Diana looked very confident. She .....have studied very hard before the examination.

A. would 

B. shall 

C. might

D. May

13. A his role as a learner in order to improve his teaching professionalism.

A. might 

B. will 

C. should

D. Can

14. Education .....never be sucessful without good quality teachers. 

A. may 

B. can 

C. must

D. Shall

15. Most students have high motivation to achieve high result in the test. Teachers ....force them to study too hard.

A. have to 

B. need to 

C. dare to

D. are not to

16. I see that every one in this room doesn't get along. introduce. yourself to each other?

A. Would 

B. Shall 

C. May

D. Should

7. Teachers are educators who.....create constructive environment for learning

A. are about to 

B. are going to 

C. are able to

D. are likely to


18. Parents .....limit their children access to inernet bcause they may visit prohibited sites. 

 A. ought to 

 B. can 

C. will 

D. Need

19. Every factory......apply a waste management system  in order to protect the environment.

A. can 

B. will 

C. must

D. May

20. Arif always gets the first rank in his class. She ……….be a smart student.

A. should 

B. must 

C. can

D. May

21. You look very tired, my friend. I think you …………take a rest for a while.

A. must 

B. can 

C. may

D. Should

22. Arman doesn’t come today. I don't know why. ………… he is unwell.

A. Will 


C. May be

D. Must be

23. she ………. sing very well in many contests but today she can't because her husband doesn'l allow her any more.

 A. used to 

 B. have to 

C. able to

D. has to

24. The boy is reading a book and not paying attention to anything else. The book …….. be very interesting.

A. will 

B. may 

C. can

D. Must

25. Nia got used to … in the bathroom when she was ten years old.

 A. sing 

 B. singing 

C. do  singing

D. sang


 1. C 

2. C 

3. D 

4. A 

5. D  

6. D  

7. A 

8. C 

9. B 

10. A 

11. B

12. D

13. C

14. B

15. D

16. A

17. C

18. A

19. C

20. B

21. D

22. C

23. A

24. D

25. B

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